High quality 3D rendering and animation done by skilled professionals. It allows you to visualize and present interiors crafted virtually in 3D ahead of completion. Get started on marketing yourself and get serious clients as soon as possible

3D Visualization 

Interior and exterior design

 The service is provided in the form of High resolution .tiff files


Here at EXPERT we want to make the 3D rendering process as understandable as possible. Years of experience have helped us to fine-tune our workflow and we believe we have created the smoothest working process for all of our clients.

  1. Model Conversion and Optimisation 

Once we have received all relevant information, we will convert and optimise the model, ready for use in our software. Screenshots will be provided at phase completion.

2. Candidate View Selection (CVS) 

Using your brief, we will explore camera and lighting options. These will be workshopped with you to finalise the selection.

3. Technical Draft 

Once the cameras are locked down, we will apply materials and all furniture, fixtures and fittings. We will then provide a draft for you to review these. 3D Comments permitted at this stage.

4. Preview Draft 

We will action feedback from the Technical Check, and add people to the renderings. We will composite in Photoshop, and issue an update to you. 2D comments permitted.

5. Approval Draft 

We will action any feedback from the Preview, and produce a ‘pre-final draft’ at medium resolution for you to approve, before we issue the final full resolution renderings.

6. Final Masters 

High resolution .tiff files will be issued.

Please note: Any updates to the model or geometry once the technical draft stage is complete could impact agreed deadlines and incur extra costs.

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